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The entire world awaits the reappearance of a just Leader , who will purify it from oppression and oppressors  , tyranny , and the tyrants, unbelievers and their disbeliefs . The Flag of divine unity will flutter across the universe. The Islam of Ghadeer – with all its Characteristics – will be practised and followed throughout the world. Presently we are acutely awaiting the reappearance of that just leader and the Radiant Light of Imamate – Hazrat Hujjat ibn Hasan Askari (a.s.)

awaiting the reappearance of the present Imam (a.s.) is the greatest form of worship and carries an exalted status. But the one who awaits the reappearance of Imam  (a.s.) has some responsibilities :

  • ·         To gain Maarefat (recognition) of the present Imam (a.s.)
  • ·         To pray for his early reappearance
  • ·         To prepare One’s self for helping Imam (a.s.) by being pious and virtuous
  • ·         To keep away from sin and help others for the same
  • ·         To remain in sorrow and grief due to separation from Imam (a.s.)
  • ·         To organise gatherings of praise, Extolling the merits of Imam (a.s.)
  • ·         To help the friends of Imam (a.s.) financially and spiritually
  • ·         To enlighten others of his Maarefat
  • ·         To be ever – prepared for his advent
  • ·         To perform Hajj and Ziarat on behalf of Imam (a.s.)



Warriors of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)


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